Data Mining

A leading global management consulting business was plagued by suspicious telephone calls. The callers, using an array of guises and deception sought information about personnel, projects and clients. The more information the perpetrators acquired, the more convincing and credible they became. It transpired that the callers, who skilfully played one company against another, had also obtained proprietary information regarding the client’s client base.

Linx International was instructed via the client’s lawyers to investigate. It was soon established that the problem was far more widespread than originally first thought. Linx International established the offending company was a 24-hour operation conducting successful information raids against many well known but unsuspecting companies. The targeted companies were mainly located in Europe, Australia and the USA – without exception the targetted organisations, including banks,  were household names.

The offending company sold the illicitly obtained information to a leading US manufacturer of IT products which paid a seven figure sum in fees over a twelve month period. Litigation followed, court orders obtained and premises were searched. The matter was finally concluded with a substantial out of court settlement in favour of our client, who has since contracted Linx International to provide appropriate training to its entire secretarial and communications staff.

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