Director Deceived

An ambitious young manager, said to be destined for topflight management, made allegations of malpractice against one of his supervisors. The HR Director (in conjunction with the Operations Director) conducted an internal investigation that led to the dismissal of the supervisor – primarily due to the testimony of the manager. The manager subsequently received death threats and a Linx International was asked to advise and subsequently to investigate. The independent investigation established the dismissed supervisor had actually uncovered strong evidence linking his line manager to serious fraud. However, the original investigating Directors had failed to demonstrate any sense of impartiality or even consider other possible scenarios. The manager had in fact fabricated evidence and deceived his Directors into dismissing the potential ‘whistleblower’. During interviews with Linx International, the manager confessed and was dismissed. The Directors’ reputations within the organisation were severely tarnished and the unfairly dismissed Supervisor, with Union support, accepted a very substantial financial settlement as part of a compromise agreement compounding the six figure losses already caused by the corrupt manager.

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