Employment Screening

Hiring the wrong person can be more costly in many ways and may indeed be more so than not hiring at all. Investing in robust pre-employment checks greatly reduce the risks associated with investing in inappropriate personnel.

Obtaining and analysing relevant information prior to hiring a new employee requires experience and specialist techniques – Vetting should be seen as a continuous process and re-vetting should be considered at regular intervals, particularly for sensitive positions.

“Time constraints and lack of specific budgets are common excuses for many recruiters but in reality basic checks can usually be reported within 72 hours and are not prohibitively expensive. Cases of internal fraud, and other offences of dishonesty, are often committed by employees who have not been adequately checked prior to confirmation of their post.”

Gavin McCormick, Director of Operations, Linx International

Linx International can provide a significant and decisive dimension to selection and vetting processes, thereby reducing costs incurred during and after the recruitment process.

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