Risk Management

Effective crisis management is a crucial component of a successful business plan. No organisation is immune from crisis (deliberate or accidental), yet research indicates that many do not have an effective strategy for dealing with major threats and commercial disasters.

As important as dealing with any emergency situation is dealing with perceptions – what the public and customer thinks happened. This should be planned in the same way you would plan to mitigate against damage to property or injuries to people. Planning for perception will also protect your organisation’s image/credibility and its ability to recover after a crisis such as:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Environmental issues & natural disasters
  • Pressure group action
  • Product recalls & product failures
  • Company or product boycotts
  • Trademark disputes & patent infringement
  • Discrimination or harassment allegations

Linx International provides Crisis Management (CM) response, planning and training for designated internal CM teams and can provide a significant and decisive dimension to Crisis Management issues.

Damage control, containment and limitation is essential to prevent a crisis from escalating – rapid, effective decisions are required. History has shown that if handled correctly a crisis can enhance the reputation and credibility of an organisation, if poorly handled it can irreparably harm the organisation and its senior executives.

Our expertise is built on real life experience, not on text book theory and a number of leading companies from a range of business sectors retain Linx International as their specialist Security Advisor as support to their CM team.

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