BTEC Level 2: Door Supervision

1. Working in the Private Security Industry
a. Purpose and main features of the private security industry
b. Relevant legislation for the private security industry
c. Workplace Health and Safety
d. Principles of Fire Safety
e. Workplace Emergencies
f. Customer care and effective communication

Duration: 10 hours (5 hours contact time)

2. Working as a Door Supervisor
a. Behavioural standards
b. Civil and criminal law relevant to door supervision
c. Admissions policy and search procedures
d. Powers of arrest and related procedures
e. Drug legislation and its relevance to door supervision
f. Incident reporting and crime scene preservation
g. Understanding licensing law and social responsibility
h. Safety and security issues related to door supervision

Duration: 10 hours (10 hours contact time)

3. Conflict Management
a. Principles of conflict management
b. Identifying, assessing and reducing risk in conflict situations
c. Effective communication skills
d. De-escalation of conflict
e. Problem solving strategies
f. Post-incident management

Duration: 8 hours (7 ½ hours contact time)

4. Physical Intervention
a. Legal, medical and professional implications of physical intervention
b. Relevant legislation
c. Disengagement techniques
d. Escorting techniques
e. Good practice after the use of physical interventions

Duration: 8 hours (8 hours contact time)

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