BTEC Level 4: Workplace Investigation

Professional Award in Workplace Investigation and Interviewing


Managers and supervisory staff are increasingly being called upon to conduct malpractice investigations within the workplace.  The purpose of the investigation may be to establish that a crime has been committed, prior to calling the police, or it may be in support of potential litigation and/or internal disciplinary procedures.

This programme will provide the basic skills necessary to undertake fair, legally compliant and effective internal investigations.  The programme is highly interactive with many practical elements.

Course Content

Risk Management Investigation Planning Investigation Methodology Criminal & Civil Law
Corporate risk management strategy;
Reputational risk;
Legal duty of care;
Due diligence;
Compliance issues.
Decision making process;
Ethical, commercial & legal considerations;
Investigation scope;
Investigation objectives: criminal/civil litigation, disciplinary, operational.
Investigation stages;
Record keeping.
Statute & Common Law;
Standards of proof;
PACE 1984;
Fraud Act 2006;
The Privacy Laws;
Human Rights Act;
DPA 1998;
RIPA 2000;
Other offences
Disciplinary Process Evidence Interview Techniques Concluding Investigations
Employment Law;
ACAS Code;
Disciplinary process; The Burchell Test.
Information, intelligence & evidence
Types of evidence;
Evidence management;
Forensic techniques;
Statement writing.
PACE 1984
Interview guidelines; Communication skills;
Interview strategies; Legal considerations; Note taking.
Report writing;
Presenting evidence;
Common pitfalls.
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