Countering Information Theft

The value of company information is often under estimated and taken for granted.

There needs to be a greater awareness among management of who can benefit from this knowledge and to what extent. Information can be illicitly acquired by various means, including deception and other forms of trickery. The loss of propriety information can seriously impact on a business and is an issue commonly overlooked by companies during reviews of security, risk and loss prevention controls.

Industrial espionage is becoming an increasingly widespread threat throughout all sectors of business. Indeed a thriving ‘underground industry’ in illicit information brokering has developed, particularly in Europe and the USA. Victim companies rarely identify they have been targeted and when they do it is often too late…

Linx International has extensive experience of addressing the damage caused to many leading companies that have suffered the effects of information raids.

Training Workshop

Aimed primarily at personnel that act as the initial customer or external interface for the company such as switchboard operators, receptionists, secretaries and executive/personal assistants. The programme can be customised to suit the client company’s market sector and any other specific areas.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be:

  • Familiar with the methods, practices and entity types engaged in the illicit obtaining of information
  • Able to recognise the dangers and warning signs of suspect approaches and how to deal with them effectively
  • Familiar with the appropriate process and actions to be adopted in order to minimise the risk of divulging propriety company information


  • Common communication methods used to obtain proprietary company intelligence
  • Typical information sought and the entities which seek it
  • Recognising the non genuine approach and tell-tale signs
  • Response action and counter-measures
  • Legislation
  • Role play

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