Supervisory Skills


This three day non-residential course has been designed for staff working in security, parking, facilties and related industries who are new to supervising and leadership and who have not had formal supervisory skills training.

Clear guidelines are given on each module together with comprehensive handouts to form an excellent reference guide. Practical exercises and case studies are used to teach the skills and techniques a successful Supervisor needs to use.

Course Content

The Role Communication Equality & Diversity Team Work
Definition of a Supervisor;
Role and Responsibilities;
Definition of leadership;
Leadership qualities;
Motivational theory.
Barriers to communication;
Effective verbal communication;
Effective written communication;
Report writing.
Equal opportunities;
Legal enforcement;
Impact on employees.
Team work theory;
Importance of team work;
Roles within the team;
How to improve team performance.
Reviewing Performance Delegation Customer Service Problem Solving
Performance reviews;
Factors affecting a successful review;
Difference between criticism & feedback.
When to delegate;
Who to delegate to;
Attitudes to delegation.
Costs of poor customer service;
Qualities for good customer service;
Prioritising tasks;
Managing complaints.
Steps to problem solving;
Basis for a sound decision-making;
Areas to avoid when making decisions.
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